Everything that we do with our homemade plant-based food is what we want for our own little family dog Ruff. We only homecook for him and all he eats is our carefully formulated family recipes that we bake in batches every 2 weeks. I happened to cook the last batch for him in the evening which I do not normally do and as I snuggled under the covers to go to sleep (I adore my bed!); I was overwhelmed by the strong smell of the Vegdog supplement – the smell infiltrated every room of our house! It is apparently the Thiamin – one of the Vitamin B’s that leaves this overpowering smell.

protein pack of superfood

The smell was still there by the morning, so this has prompted us to modify the ingredients purely for this reason – to stop our homes from smelling so strong when we homecook, but also to keep the delicious flavours and important balance of nutrients for our dogs.

We are not governed by any corporate pressure forcing us to use cheaper ingredients to improve our profit margins – no, our recipes are made purely to be the healthiest that they can be for our own Ruff and for all our your pets. This gives us the freedom to increase the Umami flavoured marine phytoplankton in the food as well as add in crushed human Vitamin B tablets to our protein packs so that we can reduce the Vegdog and although there is still a Vitamin B smell to the homecooked food; it is not as overpowering….but still as delicious and as nourishing – ONLY THE BEST FOR ALL OUR LUCKY PLANT-BASED HOMECOOKED PETS!

It makes us laugh everytime we order a new supply of the very nutrient rich marine phytoplankton that we add to our packs. The phytoplankton is grown in primordial brine tanks under specific conditions in Holland to harvest the most nutritious and edible marine phytoplankton (mainly for use in humans).

The powder is bright green and very fine and as it arrives from Amsterdam, we see our packs undergo a Home Office check just to make sure that the fine green powder is what the label says it is:)

Marine phytoplankton to add to Umami protein pack

heartHenry currently eats Barking Heads as his owner has tried him on vegan dry food but he won’t eat it so hopefully he prefers the homemade food*. He loves to run off lead in his local nature reserve, he is a naturally fun loving dog.

* ” I used the pack to make the Umami treats and once Henry had tried one he set up camp in the kitchen doorway as he wanted more! He loves them! “

Kelly, Manchester

Henry's Owner

just be kind vegan dogs
Dogs CAN digest starches

Dogs CAN digest starches

Calculations have revealed that dogs can digest about 99 % of plant-based starch if provided to them in a suitable form

Vegdog All-In-Veluxe Supplement and Recipes COMING SOON!

Vegdog All-In-Veluxe Supplement and Recipes COMING SOON!

We are so excited to not only be the importers of Vegdog Green Crunch to the UK, but we are working with their vet nutritionist Lisa Walther who formulated VEGDOG”s All-In-Veluxe Supplement to produce UK easy and 100% balanced delicious recipes

We just need to stop eating animals

We just need to stop eating animals

As a small business, we will do all we can to continue to promote the nourishment of our pets with wholesome, clean and nutritious plant-based foods that hold no dangers of causing a second pandemic.

Interview with Dr Ernie Ward

Interview with Dr Ernie Ward

So if you’re concerned about your pet food safety, let’s go plant-based. If you’re concerned about the carbon pawprint of your pet, then let’s go plant-based. If you’re concerned about your pet….

The benefits of coconut oil

The benefits of coconut oil

Lauric acid is responsible for many of coconut oil’s health benefits including its immune-supporting, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties

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