Ruff vegan dog licking his lips at Umameo treats


My dog only likes to eat meat and chicken, how do I know that she will like a vegan diet?

As owners we just assume that what a dog is familiar with, is what they like. This is partially true and as most dogs have only ever been fed dog food that is  99% meat-based, they have never even been offered or tried an alternative. Most owners will immediately say that their dog does not touch veg and does not like carrots if questioned. The same goes for humans who turn vegan after years of eating foods that they really liked. An assumption is made that suddenly their diets will become bland and boring and filled with lettuce leaves……….but we know that this is not true at all! As the plant-based movement has gained momentum particularly in this new decade; our choices are now amazing – who ever dreamt that we could eat vegan Magnums, creamy oat milk alternatives in our coffee, seitan steaks and incredible burgers that actually taste better and are juicier than the real things without harming a single animal and  being kind to our planet?! (maybe not as kind to our waistlines!)

The same goes for vegan homemade dog foods. By sourcing extremely palatable ingredients that we know dogs like such as nutritional yeast, textured vegetable protein, tahini paste, marine phytoplankton with its Umami flavour, and familiar herbs such as origanum and rosemary; we can make any vegetable-based dish palatable to our pets.

As previously explained, dogs have a sense of smell that is 1000 times more acute than ours and they can smell every amino acid and nutrient in their food. If offered healthier plant-based options, they will and do smell the nutrients in them and this causes the involuntary dilation of their pupils when they smell something they really want – just try our Umameo dog treats recipe on your dog to see what we mean!

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