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Although there does not appear to be any research done on this topic, owners of dogs on plant-based diets do report that their pets appear happier and calmer – maybe as they are not being fed on high fat meaty or sugary treats which like us plummet our sugar levels and leave us feeling anxious and lethargic. Anyone who has tried the Atkin’s diet knows that eating only one food group in excess (meat) leaves us craving carbohydrates to such a point that we feel extremely irritable  – could this be happening to so many of our poor dogs on an unbalanced high meat diet?

A high fibre and high nutrient plant-based diet is satisfying so reduces these cravings as well as providing our brains and our pets’ brains with the mood enhancing healthy serotonin ingredient found in seeds, soya products, bananas, lentils and nuts. We advise the use of lentils in our recipes as these legumes are particularly high in the amino acid tryptophan that the body needs to produce the calming serotonin.

Many owners report a reduction in aggression between their dogs with some owners even going so far as to say that they possibly had to rehome one of their dogs prior to feeding a plant-based diet as their dogs were constantly fighting on a meat-based diet and this settled once they were both swapped to a plant-based diet.

Behaviour changes in dogs that are intensely itchy due to food intolerances on a high meat-protein diet also report a far better quality of life and reduction in stress with a reduction in constantly being itchy on a meat-based diet compared to a hypoallergenic plant-based diet as we recommend.

We do hope that as vegan diets in our pets become more popular, that more research is done in this very exciting area as it could hugely benefit all our working dogs out there if they had reduced cortisol levels. There is only one study that we found that was done comparing the cortisol levels of sea bass fed a plant-based vs a meat-based diet. Interestingly, the only conclusion they drew from this experiment is that the plant-fed sea bass showed lower plasma cortisol levels when artificially stressed, so maybe we are correct in feeding plant-based to our lucky dogs to keep them happy!

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