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This is a very real concern to most of us with not only affording vegan food for ourselves, but also affording it for our pets. Look at different brands of commercial vegan food with Yarrah being the cheapest and containing good ingredients, followed by a large bag of V-Dog  (but it has the cheapest ingredients as no superfoods) and then Benevo and Ami both working out to be about £7/kg of dry biscuits.

Your next option is to make the food yourself sourcing local homemade ingredients and adding in supplements. The cheapest way to do this is using V-Complete supplement from Germany and there are some recipes you can try on Vegan4Dogs website.

The other supplement that can be used is the one we have sourced for our protein packs All-In-Veluxe by Vegdog as it contains superior ingredients with Vit D3 from lichens.  Their Vegdog website does not translate well into english (we are working on improving that with the Vegdog team), but it can be used to make their recipes, or alternately, use our Umami protein packs to try our homemade family recipes.

The best way to be able to afford to feed your dogs a high quality sustainable homemade diet is to buy our packs, make double quantities and sell the food on Facebook Marketplace to lucky dogs in your area whose owners are too busy to cook themselves but they too want the best for their dogs – that way you not only afford the food, but you meet local vegan dogs and their owners in the area – all very sustainable.

Try to limit buying vegan dog food treats. It is tempting as we all want to treat our dogs just for being the perfect companions that they are, but always remember that treats are normally quite expensive and sourced from refined high fat or high carbohydrate sources to make them appetising to our pets. Try our Umameo high quality and high protein treats on your dog as they are so nutritious that they could be food as up to 50% of your dog’s daily food intake and as they are homemade, they work out slightly cheaper than bought plant-based treats. They are also ideal to sell via  MEET & TREATS to make feeding your dog a plant-based balanced vegan diet far more affordable!

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