vegan dogsMaybe you have been feeding your dog on a plant-based diet for a while and kept it from your vet or maybe you have just started feeding a plant-based diet and when the question has come up in a consultation, you are just SO worried about what your vet will think.  There is a very easy way to get your vet on your side straight away when you switch your dog to a vegan diet:

Tell them everything you have learnt about the kinder, sustainable way to feed your dog and never use the word vegan – rather use the explanation of changing to a plant-based dog food diet. (Sadly using the word ‘vegan’ will immediately alienate your vet as the word carries negative associations – much better to go with 100% plant-based!).

Explain that you have been very concerned about the carbon footprint of your pet whilst on a meat diet (knowing that one small dog eating normal dog food has a greater carbon footprint over a year than a 4×4 car). This will immediately get your vet on your side to be fully supportive as they too have considered this dilemma and will most likely be extremely interested in how you have been able to get the balance just right.

Then go on to explain that you have been able to balance the diet – either commercial with balanced diets bought locally in sustainable packaging, or you are making their food with superior ingredients such as ground almonds, cooked lentils, sweet potato and very sustainable and Omega 3 rich Algae oil. If they then are really interested, explain further that the diets are kept balanced with carefully sourced supplements of Calcium, Vit D and B12 from Germany developed by a veterinary nutritionist and balanced for your pet.

You can also gently mention that you realise that this diet also contains non of the top allergens in dogs and is an ideal hypoallergenic diet and very tasty and your vet will question you no further and possibly even ask for further details!

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Have you considered plant-based dog food?