young girl hugging a dog organising a meet and treat of Umameo vegan dog treats


A MEET & TREAT is a perfect opportunity for you to have an impact not only on your community, but also on the climate. Please watch the hugely inspiring Ted talk clip below as Cameron Hepburn puts into context exactly what we wish to convey with a MEET & TREAT where small interventions can trigger massive change.

Very basically, you make the delicious homemade vegan food or Umameo treats for your dog and when you are out on a dog walk with the treats in your pocket, you meet with your friends or fellow dog walkers and share them amongst their dogs (knowing they are safe for any allergic or food intolerant dogs out there:)

You could make the food or the highly nutritious treats and sell them on Facebook Marketplace. This is an ideal environment to teach people in your community about the health of a plant-based diet on dogs with your own dog as an example and let them at least just try their dogs on this hugely sustainable healthy way of eating. It is also an ideal opportunity to meet other vegan dog owners in your area and share recipes and foods that work for their pets.

How true Cameron Hepburn’s words are in this very inspiring Ted talk – “Small changes can have big impacts” – please watch it

With our MEET & TREATS, let us be the ones who stand up first and trigger that change in our community!

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